This Is Water

On “This Is Water” I created all of the visual elements in the game. I decided to use a low poly art style since the game jam was only 48 hours. The character in the game is rigged and animated with 18 different animations, and tons of customization combinations for fun. The character reacted to player input by leaning left and right as well as how well you were currently doing in game. I also created the particle effects.

The goal of the game was to leave Earth and find asteroids in space that contained H2O, mine the asteroid by playing the drilling mini-game, and return to earth with the water. The video does not demonstrate but the game was fully networked, so 100’s of players could join in and help replenish resources.

Creating this game was a great experience and working with this team was very enjoyable. We overcame a few challenges during the jam; authoring a networked game in 48 hours, creating the amount of assets in game, and creating a game within a game with such a unique drilling mechanic.

Team members: David Hazlett, Mitch Cooley, Ben Bricker.

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